Frequently Asked Questionsf

Q1. Where is the school located?
Ans. The Carman School is situated in Dehradun, also referred as the "School City" in Uttrakhand (U.K), India having a ,very close to the heart of the city. It is about 5 kms from the clock tower.

Q2. How to reach Carman School Dalanwala?
Ans. It is about 5 Km. from clock tower, 3 km. from Railway Station, 5 Km. from Bus Stand and approximately 20 km. from Airport.

Q3. Is the school affiliated to I.C.S.E Board ?
Ans. Yes.

Q4. How does the School Managment/Society executes the proper functioning of School authority ?
Ans. The school is run by the Carman Residential & Day School Society, under the Society Act 1961. The institution is recognized by the Government as a co-educational Anglo-Indian School and is open to all nationalities without reservation.

Q5. What is the admission procedure ?
Ans. Interested parents can fill up the online admission enquiry form provided in the admissions section. After successfully submitting the enquiry form the parents are notified through mail for the further procedure.

Q6. How big is the school and what infrastructure has been provided?
Ans. The school is big enough to accommodate a large strength of more than 1500 students.

Q7. Does the school have a healthy enviroment?
Ans. Yes the school is surrounded by natural beauty of trees and pollution free environment.

Q8. Does the school have any plans for upgrading the education system as keep the children in pace with the era of technology?
Ans. Yes the school has introduced E learning, which will indeed help a child to learn faster and in an easier manner with the help of audio / visualization.

Q9. What kind of extra curricular activities and events does the school organizes to ensure all-round development of the student?
Ans. The school organizes various sports tournaments for example Carbery Football Tournament is organised by the school every year, Cricket tournament, Basketball tournament. The school also organizes various cultural events.

Q10. How does the school encourages the students to give there contribution towards society and awareness ?
Ans. The school encourages the students to give there contribution towards society and awareness by making them take part in various awareness programs, tree plantation programs and other social activities.

Q11. What arrangements have you made for sick students?
Ans. There is an infirmary in the school campus manned round the clock with 2 trained nurses. The school has a tie-up with one of the best multi specialty hospital for any serious complaint.

Q12. How does the school maintains a proper interaction and communication among the teachers and parents?
Ans. By conducting P.T.M (Parents-Teacher Meeting) from time to time.