The School has excellent facilities for students. In their daily regular curriculum, the students take part in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. These activities are meant to not only make them more dynamic, but to instill in them a sense of achievement, self-confidence and camaraderie.

The School has various playgrounds with sports facilities like Cricket, Hockey, Badminton, Basketball, Tennis, Athletics and indoor-activities.The School stresses on its students to take active part in all kinds of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, ranging from craft workshops, theatre, yoga, classical dances, air-rifle shooting, hiking and excursions, painting, debates to athletics and indoor sports, in order to bring out their creative faculties.


The school has well-equipped science laboratories – biology and chemistry laboratories. Both laboratories are extensively used by the students to carry out their practical experiments


The school has an extensive library well stocked with books on a wide range of subjects. The students here get exposed to different worlds through the medium of books. The library keeps not only books on academic subjects but on diverse topics which broaden the inquisitive minds of the students.


Smart Classess

Technology has brought innovations into the classroom, innovations that not only make it easy to understand and enhance knowledge, but also make it fun and interactive.

Smart Class initiative brings a new dimension to the classroom - by using interactive content to facilitate conventional teachng. The system is designed to assist teachers in meeting with their classroom challenges and enhancing student's academic performance with simple, practical and meaningful use of technology. It aids teachers with instant access to relevant instructor led multimedia content and instruction materials.


School Transportation


The school provides transportation on the following routes, interested parents can contact on the number given below the table.

Disclaimer:  The parents are requested to enquire and satisfy themselves about the safety of their wards while availing the transportation service. The school shall not be responsible for any mishap or negligence occurring during transportation.

Route No -1


  1. Balawala
  2. Miyawala
  3. Harrawala
  4. Mokhampur
  5. Jogiwala
  6. ShastriNagar
  7. Dharampur
  8. Arahghar
  9. Nehru Colony
  10. Carman School
Route No- 2


  1. Majri Mafi
  2. Defence Colony
  3. Rispana Byepass Road
  4. Revati Nursing Home Street
  5. Ajabpur Kalan
  6. Ajabpur Khurd
  7. Bengali Kothi
  8. T.H.D.C. Colony
  9. Mothrowala
  10. Sidheshwar Mahadev Colony
  11. Saraswati Vihar
  12. Kalagave
  13. Dharampur
  14. Carman School
Route No- 3


  1. Mokhampur Geeta Enclave
  2. Nathanpur- Nehrugram
  3. Street No- 6 Nehrugram
  4. Rajeev Nagar Upper
  5. Mohini Road Pul
  6. Nehru Colony
  7. Balbir Road
  8. Carman School
Route No- 4


  1. Mamchand Chowk
  2. Nathwa wala
  3. Gujrowali
  4. Raipur
  5. Raipur State Colony
  6. DEAL
  7. Tapowan Road Colony
  8. Vadivihar Kali Mandir
  9. Sahastradhara Road- Apollo School
  10. Chuna Bhatta
  11. Nehru Road
  12. Carman School
Route No – 5


  1. Clock Tower
  2. Chakrata Road
  3. Bindal Chowk
  4. Govind Garh
  5. Kanwali Road
  6. G.M.S. Road
  7. Kaulagarh Road
  8. Carman School
Route No- 6


  1. I.S.B.T.
  2. Majra Road
  3. Sabzi Mandi
  4. Aawas Vikas Colony
  5. G.M.S. Road
  6. Carman School




Computer Labc

In order to keep up with the ever changing lifestyles of people the world around, the school uses Multimedia as well as other conventional aids in their effort to impart the best possible education to the children entrusted to its care. The school has a state of the art Computer laboratory as well as a well equipped Library and Science Labs.
Computer Aided Classes, CAL -Class as we call, it helps the difficult and boring topics easy to understand in a playful and interesting manner. Our Digital Library has the vast collection of subject CD’s from the Primary to the Senior Section from the subjects to its relevant topics. Besides, children from classes IV onwards have Computer Science as a compulsory subject.